Lenovo, please don’t fail me now!

I am a Lenovo fan, from their consumer laptops and desktops to the beloved line of Think-Brand devices. I own a G560 and have outfitted entire offices with them. There is one thing, in particular, that is starting to bum me out about laptop computers: the new weird spacing on keyboards, without going into a dissertation about it, bottom line is they suck, feel weird and are generally uncomfortable!

Spaced Keyboard Keys


I recently put a client into the V570 and it was a NIGHTMARE. Here are my notes:

Problems with Lenovo V570

 1)   Removal of McAfee corrupted registry and hung system start up which also created conflicts with Malwarebytes’ and MSE upon reboot.

2)   System restore only recovered previous computer state, McAfee and system settings but did not address registry corruption and various driver issues on system reboot. Uninstalled McAfee again with special McAfee uninstaller, again the system would not complete boot and would crash, however it would load fine in Safe Mode. Addressed all start ups with services and msconfig, which did not fix the problem.

3)   After numerous attempts to address the issue through system recovery tools the system would hang on desktop and freeze. This is totally unacceptable for a new computer and just removing McAfee and making basic system optimizations.

4)   Could not access One-Step Recovery as the system constantly froze, it could not be initialized in safe mode.

5)   Reinstalled Windows 7 Pro. There were numerous driver compatibility issues especially with the Intel WiMAX wireless driver where all executables from Intel, Windows update and directly from Lenovo failed to either install or even recognize the wireless adapter and other hardware. This headache is totally unacceptable and surprising for a Lenovo laptop. Installing ReadyComm and the Intel Management Engine did nothing to address these issues.

Based on these issues this laptop is useless and even more of a disaster if any future HDD issues occur when in system devices and drivers need to be reinstalled from scratch.

The client took the computer back and I put them into a Toshiba C670. I hope this does not become a trend with Lenovo. I have purchased hundreds of them and NEVER had a problem, until now.

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